Topic: My dear, sweet kids...thank you

Though I know that my son and his wife don't come on here, I wanted to share with my CC friends just how awesome they are.  My son called me late afternoon today to ask if I'd like them to bake the cake for my husband's birthday tomorrow (26th..Memorial Day).  I had been "trying" to get myself pulled together to do it...after all...I ran a cake shop for 29 years and my family is spoiled with "Julie Ann's Cakes."  smile  I felt like I could do it, but just had no energy....slept most of the day, so, I decided that under the circumstances, this would be a time when I wouldn't do the cake myself.  I'm still "hoping" to be able to make my grandsons's birthday cake in late June....but chemo side effects may make that pretty tough to pull off if I'm already having some issues with the beginning of round 2.  So, for today...for "this" time, I will say yes and be grateful that I have two wonderful kids...and the mother of my DIL who are working on making that cake right now.  smile

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Re: My dear, sweet kids...thank you

How nice Julie and a BIG Happy Birthday to your husband.