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Hello everyone,
My brother just completed radiation 5 days a week for 5 weeks.  He is having periods of coughing and losing his voice requiring him to cough again to get his voice back. Is this a common side effect to radiation?


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Dear Labrador, my husband did that as well but I would still put in a call to his ONC! Congratulations on finishing the RAD!

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My husband did that horribly during and after radiation....along with bloody noses and significant post-nasal drip. He also developed sever difficulty with swallowing anything with texture. We talked to both Radiatino ONC and regular Onc and they each pointed the finger at the other. Neither had an answer though. He is now getting pretty much back to normal almost 6 weeks after being done. Not sure if it was the radiation or the chemo he did at the same time. I would ask about though.


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