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Topic: waiting for results and webpage update

Hi. Mom has been treatment free for 3 months since Y90. Last chemo was 6 weeks prior to Y90. She had scan on Monday and will meet with onc next week. Does this disease ever stay dormant that long? Hopefully the Y90 has been continuing to kill her one tumor.  Just an aside....I am having a hard time with green bar in middle of page since update.  Will let all know on y90 results update next week. Thank you for the continued support. Catherine

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Re: waiting for results and webpage update

Hi Catherine. I also have the green bar. I think it may take some time to get any kinks ironed out.
Yes, this disease can go in to remission especially after surgery. CC seems to have a mind of its own and we just don't know enough yet about whys and wherefores. With that said we have come a long way since we started with this site 8 years ago but still have a way to go on slaying this monster. Hope Mom has a great meeting with some good news from the ONC.


Re: waiting for results and webpage update

Catherine.....thanks for mentioning the green bar in the middle of the page.  I didn't say anything because I thought it was just my ipad not working right with the website.  That said, i'm also having problems with pages/messages loading a lot slower and new messages aren't highlighted as they use to be....at least not every time I log in.....so I never know for sure if there are new messages to read or not.  Then, sometimes, like tonight the boards with new messages are highlighted again.   I don't know if the new website is totally updated yet....so that could be the issue.   I'm sure that people are working on it as they have time.

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Re: waiting for results and webpage update

Greenbar is a problem.

More importantly, the urgent request for the Mayo Clinic data collection is missing.  I just started emailing permissions and other info to them.  Slow and steady.


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