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Hi All.

I found this website back in July. My dad 'Joe' was diagnosed with CC in mid-May 07, went for liver resection start of July and wasn't able to have it performed as the tumours had spread (he did post in the introductions section). I guess my purpose is to let you know that he passed away 22nd Nov.

This is destructive and impossible to comprehend and I guess I just plain miss him.

The end doesn't seem to have a rigid set of circumstances to it, but generally speaking I think you will just know - oddly enough I think to protect yourself your brain just doesn't tell you what's there in front of you. Regardless of when the end is near or upon you, make sure its not then that you realise you wanted to say something or do something.

I would like more information about the CC foundation. I work for a charity here in Melbourne, Australia and know how much hard work goes into charities. I will check the website every-so-often for updates on the foundation as I would like to find a way in which I can make a positive impact on CC.

Thanks for listening/reading.


PS. It'd be great to see a research/developments section specifically for CC on the website - I know its very much in its development stages. Also I believe that there is specifically a few hospitals across the globe that deal very heavily in CC and other related cancers - it might be worth listing them as well on the website for those of us that are international visitors or wanting to partake in research - Austin Hospital in Melbourne, Victoria and I think the Bristol Centre in the UK.

Thanks again!


Re: Loose Ends

Dear Gen,
I am so sorry for your loss. Can you tell us what name your father posted under? I seem to remember each person who posts and it devastates me to hear of another person being taken by this insidious disease, but it's important to me that I have a real personality to fit with the statistics so I can remember them (if that makes any sense).

Your suggestions are good ones, and I think some of them have already been implemented, but you may want to post them in the "suggestions" sections to make sure they're seen by the web gurus.

Again, I am so sorry and I hope you find the strength and peace to get through this terrible grief - we're always here for you.