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Hi everyone,
I feel like I should know the answer to this question considering the fact that I work for the CT department at the hospital I work at. I am off today so I figure maybe some of you have had experience with this or could possibly provide me with some answers.
My mom has CC and her CA 19-9 has ballooned up to 5,000. The Oncologist is certain the cancer has grown but says he just wants to prove it by a CT. I guess he just wants to make absolutely sure it is. Her legs ache and she has been real weak the past few months along with having her belly drained every 2 weeks or so. The problem is that her kidney function was not high enough to get the iodine injection which meant no CT. So she will be going this Wednesday for a CT in the hopes her function is better. I am worried that it won't be any better. If that is the case (hopefully not) does anyone know the usefulness of CT's without the iodine. Can they still produce a clear picture of what is going on with the cancer. Myself along with my mother and her other kids would like to know exactly what is happening. I just don't like the thought of assuming things or guessing.
  Thanks for this website it has been very helpful to me.


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Chris, what do you do with patients who are allergic to iodine?  I'm not sure what gastroview is made of but it seems to me that there would be another type of contrast available

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I will ask the radiologist at work today. I know that if they are doing a chest CT and the patient can't get the iodine they sometimes do a nuclear medicine test instead depending on what they are checking for . I would think that something could be done if it turns out that she is unable to get the iodine on Wendesday. Thanks cdr.