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My mom was asked for a meeting with the physicians today and the news we got are very sad. All the Dr's conclude dad is in the terminal stages of the disease and they think it will be about 3 months before the end.

I am disheartened by the news but in a strange way very grateful dad had a very good year and a half.

I know no one is prepared to hear this and I honestly feel doubly confused because in the last lab report, most of the numbers were good and dad still does not have clear CC symptoms outside of weight loss.

Since April 2006 when I heard the news while on a business trip I never knew what to expect and always wanted to defy the odds and be an optimist. I always hoped for my dad to be one of the great exceptions and for a long time I was convinced he was; in fact I still believe he's had a reasonably good life to date.

I only hope the last couple of weeks will be peaceful and dad will not be in great suffering. I think I can cope with his loss but I cannot imagine coping with him being in pain or suffering.

It has been a strange and in many ways rewarding times since dad got sick. I valued every minute we got and was happy dad could come visit us and have some fun while he was sick.

I now worry about mom, who is also getting older and will be alone. She is a strong self sufficient woman but I cannot help being concerned about her. I know I need to now turn my attention to her and insure she will be fine for the time we have left.

It's very difficult to be rational and strong when you know soon your life will never be as good as it once was. I don't know how different it will be but I'm sure it will never be as good.

Thanks to everyone for listening and I wish everyone the best of luck.


Re: Very Sad News

my prayers are with you and your family

Re: Very Sad News

Dear Amilcar,
I am saddened by your news, but I agree that your father IS someone who beat the odds and he IS an exception, in that he had great quality of life and hopefully it will continue for as long as possible. He has had time to enjoy his family and his life, and you have had time to really appreciate him - those are precious gifts.

I hope your dad has a comfortable last few months - I'm sure he's comforted by the loving family around him.

You have always seemed so logical and clear-headed - if your mother is anything like you, then the two of you will cope together, using your combined strength. I'm not saying that you both won't be devastated, but I believe a realistic attitude goes a long way. You are obviously very devoted to both of your parents, and I dearly hope neither one of them suffers too much because of this disease and the grief it brings.

Just wanted to say I admire your courage and wish you well,