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Hi folks-Kay here.  My Dad, Harry, was diagnosed in January of 07 with cc after a bout of jaundice in November of 06, and a 1st stenting in December of 06.  He is now 87, but he prepared for his orignial radiation treatment by walking on our treadmill every day for one hour, so he's a tough old bird.  I fear we are coming to the end of the line soon with him though, as he is suffering from ascitis and unmanagable bowel issues. Ant advice would be welcome. I just found this forum and will check in regularly.

Re: New member saying hello

Big hugs to you, Kay.  Even having witnessed the final days of this disease, I am struggling to find words of "wisdom" to pass on to you.  I suppose I'll pass on what a good friend said to me - soak him up as much as possible.  And I don't mean soak up the sickness; rather, I mean to soak up as much of your dad, as you've always known him. 

As for advice regarding experiences, I think you'll find the people in this community to be very helpful.   No doubt if you ask for help regarding a specific issue your dad is having, someone on this board will share their own experience and how he/she addressed the issue.

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