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So yesterday we ended up back at the hospital.  Chuck was having severe pain the whole night before in his abdomen and having the runs like crazy.  He didn't sleep the whole night. 

The Dr. took a stool sample, gave him some i.v because he was severely dehydrated and sent him home.  He doesn't look jaundice to me but I am worried.  We are suppose to have his corrective surgery on Feb. 8 to fix his stomach wall and now I am worried that he won't get that chance. 

The e.r doctor said that he thought it was an intestinal infection but "what do they know?"  What could this be? He was doing so well.

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Chrissy,  So sorry to hear of chuck's episode of pain.  I't's easy for me to say but let's get the results of the stool sample.  Believe me the flu and pneumonia is going around this year really bad.  Our hospitals in Kansas ran out of bed space at one point a few weeks ago due to the severity of the flu virus.  I myself thought the worse a few weeks ago. I ended up in the ER as well and instead of cancer complications, I had walking pneumonia in one of my lungs.  In fact I just had x-ray today and will find out if it has completely cleared up tomorrow when I have my follow-up with Oncologist.  I really hope they determine what's up real soon.  I pray it's just an infection that can be cleared up.  The fact he had the runs ,etc. leeds me to believe his bile system is working and you said he appeared to have no juandice which is a good sign in my book as well.  Big hug and prayers chrissy.
God Bless,
Jeff G.

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Thanks Jeff!

I am glad to hear you are doing better and hope that your results come out great.  I guess I tend to freak out for every little thing now.  I, too hope that they can find out what it is and it is not another one of those inconclusive "well it seems better now" things because I hate that.  I want to know what it is so if it comes back, we know how to treat it right away without the in-n-outs of the hospital. 

Thanks again for you input.  It is appreciated.