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Topic: My wonderful mother

Dear everyone ,
My beautiful , young ( only 58 ) mother passed away the beginning of this month .She was a great wife , wonderful mother , unforgettable grandmother , great sister . To me she was a friend , mother , sister and a teacher . I am an only child and she was all these things to me and more .The void I feel in my heart is soo painful and life is n't feeling the same anymore . I posted in this site at the time of her diagnosis .Since then , I have been a regular visitor and many of your posts gave me lot of courage to fight this battle . She was inoperable at diagnosis in April 07 .Chemo gave us only 9 months . I miss her .I cant believe she wont  talk to me again . I cant believe she wont visit me again . I just cant believe that she wont be there for her grandchild anymore . The only solace for me is that she wont suffer anymore . She passed with a smile on her face .
You will be always alive in my heart , Mom

Re: My wonderful mother

Manu - I wish I had a majiq pill to give you to make the hurt go away; if I did I would take one myself.  I'm so sorry for your loss - 58 is so young.  I remember reading that the ones that are going through hardships in their life are blessed; the ones that are just skipping merrily through life without any problems are the ones that are in trouble.  We are assured that someday we will enter a world where there is no more pain, no more tears and no more sorrow.  May you have peace knowing that your Mother has entered that world.  My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family.
Betty Johnson

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Dear manu,
All my sympathy - and my empathy, since I lost my mother and best friend last year -- are going out to you.  It is so hard to go through this, to live without the person who was always there for you from the moment you were born. I hope you find some peace and comfort - we are very lucky that we had such wonderful mothers, but their passing is a cruel burden to bear.