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Hello Everyone! Lee's metallic stents were placed 2 days ago in the tree of his liver. Thank God! We are now on our way to getting this monster beat. We have applied at MD Anderson in hopes that they will take us ASAP..with referrals from our oncologist...if too long of wait..Mayo in Phoenix...anyhow..I was wondering if any of you have or know of anyone who has received treatment is the form of extremely high doses of liquid vitamin c as an immune builder and tumor shrinker...just researched a place in Scottsdale that does this and many testify that they are cancer this point we will try ANYTHING...I would just love some feedback on your opinions, feelings, ideas on this "natural approach"'s kinda scary and iffy.     

Thank you for all your replies and support and prayers

Love the Pehl's

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Our doctor advised against my Mother taking vitamin C stating that it could block the chemo from working.  Maybe in extremely high doses it is a different story.  He had her taking Tumeric pills - 4 of them 2X a day, but we did not see any results - and a lot of the time they irritated her stomach.


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Many progressive hospitals are working with high dose vitamin C.  Cancer Treatment center of America has a study going right now.  My husband Dave went to a local holistic doctor who had him on very high doses 100 grams 3 times a week IV.   Oral vitamin C does not work because high levels give you diarrhea, but IV it does not have this effect as the stomach is not involved in the process.   It takes a long time for that to work and Dave stopped the treatments because we finally got into CTCA where he is getting a different treatment.
Wishing you the best.  hope this info is helpful in your decision.