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My Dad was diagnosed in August of 2007 and underwent a partial liver resection and removal of the gallbladder in October of 2007.  He recovered quickly as he was walking the day after surgery and home in 4 days.  The Doctors were amazed!!!  Unfortunately they were not able to remove all of the cholangiocarcinoma and it spread to the nearby lymph nodes.  He then went on to chemotherapy and was doing well until January 2008 as tumors appeared on his side where the stent and tube was placed prior to the surgery to reduce his bilirubin count (note it took the radiologist two separate occasions to get the tube through the bile duct).  The tumors were cancerous and recurrent cc.  The doctors could not remove all the tumors and would require a chest wall resection which there was only a 5% chance of removing all of the cancer.  We decided on radiation and a new form of chemotherapy but he never had a chance to try it.  A week after we received the bad news regarding the recurrent cancer Dad started having severe stomach pains, he stopped eating and his stomach started to fill with fluid

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Dear Stacie,

My sincere and heartfelt condolences to you and your family.  The rollercoater ride this dreadful disease burdens families with is horrific.  I trust your Dad will be walking with you down the aisle in spirit.  Prayers to you and yours.


Wishing all God's blessings!

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Stacie - I am sorry to hear about you father.  Please know that you and your family wil be in my thoughts. - Colleen

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Stacie-- My Heart felt sympathy and prayers of support.  Your Father is certainly living in peace with no pain now.  I also have now doubt you will feel his loving presence and he'll be so happy for you as well as you walk down the aisle.  That's one preparation you don't have to worry about.

God Bless,
Jeff G.

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Stacie -having lost my soul mate Tom 10 days before you lost your Dad, I understand the pain that you are going through and your's Mom certainly. I agree with JeffG, I feel my husband in so many ways around me still, and there are signs that he is helping me get through this, you feel his support all through the happy day.

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Thanks to all for your support & kind notes.


So sorry to hear about your "Tom".  My sincerest sympathies.  How are you holding up?

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I am sorry for the loss of your father. How beautiful that everyone got to say goodbye and be told of their love.


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