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Hello.  My 86yr. old father was diagnosed with CC this past Thursday.  I have been reading the stories, etc.  Here is a little background on our story....My father had major itching on his legs/arms approx. 9 months ago.  His family dr. gave him cream & diagnosed Excema at the time.  Dad had the itching every so often after finishing the cream.  Never went back to family dr.  Approx. 10-12 days ago he had bad cramping & has been pretty much unable to eat.  He did not feel well & went to family dr.  He was jaundiced.  Family dr. did bloodwork & sent him for CT scan.  From there, I finally convinced him to go to the ER.  (Family dr. had said he should, but convincing him was another thing).  8 days ago he was admitted to the hospital.  They did MRI & MRIC tests, plus tumor markers.  The gastroenterologist told me he beleived he had CC.  He wanted to put stents in his bile ducts to drain them & then an oncologist would look at what was believed to be a mass or tumor in his liver.  The specialist showed us this on the CT scan.  He did an ERCP but found some of the bile ducts were draining themselves.  Some were attached to this tumor.  The pancreas was not involved.  At the time, he told me it was a 4 inch tumor, I believe, but maybe I heard 4 cm.  Not sure.  He did say it was taking over 1/5 of his liver.  He consulted with the oncologist.  They believe that the there are too many blood vessels involved to do radiation.  Also, they believe chemo is not an option, because of his age & will not help much.  They told him it was inoperable & gave him 3-9 months to live.  Dr. said the tumor has probably been there 2 years & will continue to grow & take over his liver.  He will gradually feel less like eating & will get weaker.  He has a follow up with the specialist in 3 weeks & sees his family dr. this week.  I'm trying to read all I can & get ?? in order to ask.  I'm wondering if we should seek a second opinion.  We are in the Dayton, OH area & the gastroenterologist that we have had, I am told by people he is the best in this area.  My father, I'm afraid, has resigned himself to death.  I don't know because of his age, if he is a candidate for anymore procedures/surgery, etc.  My mother is 84 & has had breast cancer (is cancer free now, thank God) & has RA.  I am an only child, a stay at home mom & live only 5 miles away.  If anyone has any comments or suggestions, I would certainly appreciate them.  Thank you.

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Dear Beaglesews...  Sorry to hear about your Father.  I would definitely get a second opinion.  Age can make a difference but then again many older patients have had successful liver resections.  In my opinion it basically boils down to how healthy of an 86 year old is he.  Any other medical problems that would prevent recovery or even going through a major surgery? As we get older it is natural for our bodies to be less able to deal with such major surgeries and side effects of chemo or infections such as pneumonia.  It would have to be what your your Father wants to do.  Positive attitude goes a long ways when dealing with something like this.  In any case if your father is willing to get a second or third opinion, members on this site have found persistence can shed different outcomes on the positive side. It is going to be deciding on what to do , but I would at least get different opinions and then it comes to individual chioce after knowing all the facts.  Did the doctors give any other reason besides his age for not thinking he could withstand chemo treatments? Get the facts and opinions and then sit down with your father and see what he really wants to do. Dealing with CC is not a pleaseant experience at all. Wish you the best! feel free to ask any specific questions that may pop up as there are many members of this site that have experienced all and willing to share with you.

God Bless,
Jeff G.

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Welcome to our site and so sorry for the circumstances leading you here.
Your story is similar to many others when being confronted with this cancer in that it is discovered in a later stage of its progression. 

I am a firm believer in gathering as much information as possible in order to make informed decisions in re: to the treatment protocol all the while taking in account the patient