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Topic: CancerDecisions.com

The naturopathic doctor we are seeing to help Mark build up his immune system highly recommended this website. 


He said it is an excellent place to help you make decisions on where to seek treatment; both medically and alternative.  They research various types of cancer and find out where it's being effectively treated and then shares all their research in a full report.  Cholangiocarcinoma is listed as having a report available.  You can also do a phone consultation.

You do have to pay for the information.  Has anyone ever used this service?  I think it's around $300 for the report (and finances for us are very limited).  The ND doctor said they are not associated with any one place in particular, so they are completley un-biased.  I believe he said the doctor who created this company/website was associated at one time with M.D. Anderson and realizes the confusion people go through trying to seek out the best treatment.

We are in WI and are presently seeking another opinion from John Hopkins Liver Center.  I sent biopsy slides and path reports and should hear more any day now.  The doctors in our area have no suggestions.  However, the good news is, at this time Mark's cancer does not appear to be spreading according to a recent PET Scan.