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If you have been looking through the website today you will notice that Rick has been hard at work getting the "coming soon" pages updated.  We welcome and appreciate your insights and additions, links to any sites that have been helpful to you in your journey will be helpful to others. 

We've had several suggestions that we love, but are not yet able to accomodate, but we will.

We will be updating the foundation information as well. 

Thanks to everyone who has been so patient.  As this site has developed slowly over the last two years, our hearts have grown to bursting as we have watched you reach out and help each other.  That was the dream from the beginning.

Much love to you,


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Stacie... This has been the most personable,caring, and sharing/open opinioned site I have ever had the pleasure of being a member of.  Personally, what has gone on within this site has aided me in dealing with this disease physically and mentally.  Just wanted to say it has and continues to be a remarkable site that is greatly appreciated! God Bless the Clement's Family and relatives and friends. And all Members!
Jeff G.

Take it to the Limit,One More Time! (Eagles)

Re: Updates to Website

Stacie - I'd like to echo Jeff's comments.  This site has been wonderful, full of information and encouragement.  Thanks

God give strength to everyone affected by this terrible disease.

Re: Updates to Website

I would not have made it through this past year without this site.  Thank so much.