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Hello everyone - my father has recently been accepted to a clinical trial for XL119 ( … id=2412282). Does anyone have any experience with this product? I know it has been developed by a company called Exelixis ( but nothing else. I have not found much substance on side effects, efficacy or really anything else.
If there are any experiences out there please share them with us.

Thanks and best  of luck to all.

Amilcar, Seattle

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Re: XL119 Experience

Dear Amilcar-

If you look under general info on this site, and go to the Family Blogs, the Johnson family has some info on a XL119 trial that Sam Johnson was on in 2005.  If you go to the January 2006 archive, Mrs. Johnson has summarized their experiences threre.  Apparently, the trial didn't work for him.

Good luck!

-Caroline Stoufer