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Topic: TheraSphere radiation retreatment?

Has anyone had TheraSphere radiation treatment?  Mark's surgeon suggested radio-frequency ablation, but said he recommended it be done via open surgery.  But, he also said this type of cancer has a tendency to "come back again" and this treatment/major surgery would need to be done over and over again.  We have put that option on the back-burner as we look for other options.  Mark's tumor is inside the liver...not in the ducts.  We have been reffered to another hospital to see if TheraSphere radiation is an option.
Kathy Sue

Re: TheraSphere radiation retreatment?

Hi Kathy Sue

I have not heard of TheraSphere radiation but my husband did have a Cyberknife treatment 6 weeks ago at Stanford for his recurrent unresectable CC.  His follow up PET scan was clear and the next scan is in another 6 weeks.