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This last Monday Teddy had a tube inserted in to his right kidney to alleviate the swelling and help the drainage. The first Radiologist missed the mark and he had to have it done again! At any rate they feel the blockage is really a kidney stone and we will know more this Monday when he sees his Urologist.
Then yesterday we trotted off to the Oncologist for his follow-up on his Labs from last week. There is a count (I only know it as a Biliary count) its a CP something or CA. Anyway normal is like 17 and in March it went to 37 and in April to 43 and now it is 60.  While this count is climbing everything is clean and wonderful. The ONC has no idea why this count is rising as nothing shows for it. He is thinking it may be from the stone that is caught. His next visit  is July 3 to go over new Labs and if the count is still climbing they will do a new CT Scan.
I guess being the worrier I am I am wondering if "something " is brewing and not showed its ugly head yet. He looks good and he feels good  but we are well aware what a sneaky little devil this monster is! When the kidney business is settled we may go to a homeopathic doctor and begin the massive Vitamin C treatments. Have heard so many good things about that and it cannot hurt.
Good wishes to you all. ANy feed back is welcome!   Lainy


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Hi Lainy...  I hope things work out for Teddy.  I'm sure it is frustrating not knowing what is going on.  I do remember a handicap person I looked after for 2 years developed kidney stones and he had a high billibrium count due to blockage.  They tried to bust up the stones with some special zapper but had difficulty.  To make a long story short they ended up putting in a drain as his level got to hi and developed high fever.  So I guess I'm saying a stone blockage can cause the rise and I would keep an eye on teddy's temperture, he might developed a kidney infection as well.  Also monitor his urine flow and for pain in the kidney area.  Lainy I hope you find out what's happening with the new scans and that it is correctable.  Those kidney stone can cause problems I know that for sure. Wishin you guys the best.
Jeff G.

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