Topic: Miracle Man Update

We went to the Urologist today and he said that he doubts the blockage at the drainage tube is a kidney stone and he said, "lets hope it is scar tissue". And gave me that look of "I don't think this is so good". At this point we need to give that kidney time to deflate some and to heal after the double tube insertion. He is scheduling Teddy for a new tube with a stent about the 3rd week in June and may do a  biopsy at the same time. He also said that a kidney stone would not cause the biliary count to go up. The blockage is at the very top of the drain that connects to the kidney and it is also the tube that drains in to the bile ducts. I am feeling not too good about it all as he gave me that "look" twice today. I am finding out that the only doctors with the compassion for what we all go through are the Oncologists. Other doctors just don't seem to be able to handle us well! And this is a top Urologist in our city. So, now we will wait until June. It's frustrating but I have faith in my Miracle Man. I asked the doctor if this tube could blow out on an airplane as we are taking a short trip in June. He assured me no and asked why I would think that. Well, after the Whipple surgery out of town we were coming home on the place and all 3 drainage tubes blew out. When my daughter met us at the hospital, Teddy propped up on one elbow and said, "Did you ever see the movie Airplane???" 
Got to find some humor in it all, don't we????