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I just had to share that. I went for a walk today in the forrest and picked so many wildflowers that are all over Sweden right now. The smell was fantastic. I wonder if I hadnt ever heard of cc would I love life as much? I am so happy right now and as I walked I thought of some lines from a Jimmy Buffett song that go "Some of its magic, some of its tragic but I had a good life all they way".

Just thought i would share my wonderfully cheesy day and how blessed I feel right now.

I am keeping us all in my prayers.


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Thanks Kris. My husband is the same way. He's so happy to be alive and feeling well that there is never a "bad' day. Every day is wonderful! I hope you have many, many, many more Springs to enjoy the flowers!! I'm sure you will!!  Best wishes!! Mary

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Thanks for sharing that with us.  I was just thinking the other day that despite being ill with cancer, I've never been happier because of the love that I've received from my family and friends.

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Great post Kris.  Thanks for putting a bright spot in my day.


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wow  that is so wonderful to be able to share just how amazing life can be even over the 'simple pleasures' that so many take for granted!  Kris , I can almost smell the flowers way over here in Massachusetts!  Today has been a great day here as well...I am preparing for the arrival of 2 miniature horses!  My husband said that I needed something to take my mind OFF the cc and I am sure these tiny horses will do just that...they are both 'special needs minis'  sure can relate to that! smile ENJOY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Keep smiling wink  hugs to everyone , deb