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Has anyone ever survived this?

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Depends on what you mean, but yes. There are people now at 10 years and going. There is our Jeff. If you look on pubmed the results arent great, but the statistics show YES, people do survive.

This is a scary, strong cancer, but there are possibilites for some. For others, unfortnately and hearbreakingly not. The best thing about this forum is that I gain hope and inspiration and determination and the knowledge that there is a life out there from others who use this site.

My friends dad was an oncologist and told me about his high school reunion where he met up with a cc survivor--cancer free and fiesty. So there is hope.


Cancer is a word, not a sentence.

36 year old patient with buckets of hope

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How do you know if you've survived? Scott's been "cured" but there's always going to be this little nagging fear that it's lurking. With transplant, the immunosuppression is an invitation for the cc to explode if there's anything left, but they are saying his old liver was cancer free; that the radiation fried it. Is cured and survived the same thing?

One can only hope, and move on in the day we are given; do our best, and let God do the rest.