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It's truly amazing how sick a person can be with this and then bounce back so quickly.  Believe me, we're grateful for every extra second that God gives us with Charlie here on earth.  The high's and low's are so extreme.  Has anyone else experienced this?  Since Thurs. June 5th when Charlie got his 2nd chemo infusion of oxaliplatin, he has been so sick - vomiting, diarrhea, not eating, losing weight, resting or sleeping 20 of 24 hours, pale, bloating, thinking "just let me die if this is how I have to live."  I've been on the phone almost every day this week with his oncologist or nurse.  Wed. this week, the doctor said to quit taking the Xeloda pills.  Charlie quit them and by Fri., he was up, hungry, wanting to go get some barbeque.  Today, he's working on a leak in the shower, just got back from Lowe's (Charlie & Jeff's favorite place I think).  Don't know if it was coincidence with the Xeloda or what because Charlie took it back in Jan. and Feb. of this year along with his radiation and it didn't bother him a bit then.  Maybe combination of it and oxaliplatin now??  Who knows?  I'm just so glad he's feeling better!

From feeling like he was at death's door to fixing the shower - all in one week.  Amazing! 

Best wishes to everyone as we continue the battle.


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Lowes ! Did I hear someone say Lowes!  I just got back.  The wife won't give me a break.  She wants the laundry room partioned off with a cabinet and folding top. And something to hang the delicates on Ha! It's going to be done as I feel is the agreement.  I mean it is in the utility room with a door.But got to keep the Mrs. happy.  I remember those xeloda pills.  I did not like them either. Up and Down.  This current treatment is giving me a little runs for the money. Did I say runs Ha! time for the immodium.  Charlie did you get that shower all fixed up?  I had to replace the mixture valve in one last month.  My daughter and kids wore it out.  One word of advice you have to remember shut the darn main water line off or you get wet! Ha!  Glad to hear your feeling a bit better charlie.  Time for some gatorade. Cherrio for now.  Hi Carol!
Jeff G.

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Hi Carol,
     Lowes must be the place to be my husband and I are gutting our entire 1st floor and end up there5 or 6 times a week. I remember the xeloda, I was taking zofran at same time prior to each radiation treatment, it made me nausea every once in a while but nothing big the radiation is what tired me so. However, the strangest thing I got extremly ill the first 3 days without it. I mean sicker than I had ever been, the works I really got scared and it lasted 3days and scared the daylights out of me. Goodluck, I'll keep you and yours n my prayers.    Sarah d

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I think about you and Charlie everyday. I am glad that he seems to be doing better now. I cant imagine how stressful it must be to see a loved one go through this.

What is it about Lowes? or Home Depot? Love em! We have no such thing in the town I live in so I miss the aisles and aisles of different nails and chains.


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