Topic: Chemoembolization

Hi All: My mother just started 6 weeks of chemo with Gemzarc for her cc that has returned with a 7 cm tumor and three smaller areas. In a second opinion we just got, it was discussed that chemoembolization *might* be an option but would need a cat scan with contrast to help decide. Does anyone have any thoughts/experience on trying to do the chemoembolization now, in conjunction with the chemo, vs. waiting four weeks until she is done with that to determine whether to do the chemoembolization. Would appreciate any comments. Thanks!

Re: Chemoembolization

Mroudebush - my husband had 4 chemoembolization treatments at Johns Hopkins.  They killed about 50% of his tumor, which was considered successful.  Unfortunately he now has mets to his lungs, bones and lymph nodes, and is fading away everyday.  If you use the search option and search chemoembolization, you will find our story plus others who have had the treatment.