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On my last post I mentioned that Teddy's cancer came back where his duodenum used to be before his Whipple Surgery. We found a Dr. who is going to perform cyberknife surgery. First Teddy has to have a  PET Scan Monday to make sure there are no more "hot" spots. If not, he will be scheduled for this miraculous non-invasive surgery! In the meantime his right kidney has swollen and May 12th they put a tube and drainage bag on him, again. We were all singing, "Daddy has a brand new bag". Yesterday they changed the tube in the kidney and also put a stint in. He had a bad reaction and we spent the day in the hospital today but now except for being very tired we are on the upswing again. Now, here is the weirdest thing. The cancer is near the Ureter tube that leads from the kidney to the bladder. It is pushing against the tube causing the kidney to not drain! It is evidently contained as the ureter and kidney have no cancer. It is the most strange thing I have ever seen!!! Like the true Monster it is, grabbing at anything it can. Weird! I will keep you advised of the result of the PET Scan and the date for the CYberknIfe! They are also using this method on liver and pancreatic cancer now. Who knows maybe in our lifetime we will see a cure?? A side thought....we have an Oncologist, Urologist, Surgical Oncologist and a Primary doctor all working to keep Teddy well, however try as we may they just do not communicate unless something bad happens. Do any of you have this problem? Keep the faith and stay strong!  Lainy


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Hey Lainy, the Cyberknife sounds promising.  We're hoping Charlie's tumors will shrink some so that he can be considered for that or Theraspheres.  Hope all goes well for Teddy.


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Hi Lainy... Wish you and teddy the bst with the cyberknife surgery.  Sorry to hear about the kidney complication though.  Well, Made it to Maine. Weather been offf/on drizzle. Like Dorthy said there is no place like home.  Couple days to go.  Been visiting my Mom and she was smiling and remembered Valerie and I with no problem at all.  Over all the nursing home has really been taking excellent care of her.  That makes me feel great.  Tell the miracle man to keep his chin up.
God Bless,
Jeff G.

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Go miracle man! 
On the communication issues.......sounds pretty common to me.   My approach is that you have to be the hub of the wheel for your own health care, or have a support person who can do it for you.   I've had the same problem and have insisted that the Doc's talk to each other and followed up with qustions making sure it happened.  To be fair I only do this when I judge it to be critical to may well being as of course they are all overloaded with cases and too much to do.   

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