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OMG!!!  You are not going to believe this one. Well, yes you will, most of you have been there. Just got a letter of denial in the mail from CIGNA that they will  NOT cover Teddy's Cyber knife surgery!!!!!  I have to give it to the doctor Monday to make an appeal. I am so livid!!!!  Will the fights ever stop.  I mean HELLO, if the ONC says no more surgery and the radiation and chemo will not help I don't see any other choices!!!  Thanks for letting me vent!!! Its not just 112o in Phoenix its 150o in my mind right now!!! Lainy


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Of course we believe it...why not? Cancer is not a beneficial investment for insurance companies. You take a cold drink and we're rooting for you...PS, my sister who is disabled and has cc was told by the dr.that her Medicaid is suspended and she could not make an appt till it was worked out...Just what my parents needed. It seems unfair that the red tape and insurance business almost take as much time and emotional energy as the patient and the disease itself. Sorry that was more vent than comfort, so you can see we've been there and done that too. Best of luck with it all and the heat too.

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URGH! Grrrr! I hate insurance companies. Best of luck on the appeal.


Cancer is a word, not a sentence.

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