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This post is for all of you with open minds and believe that our body has misaligned or suppressed energy that can be use to help us in reducing anixety and stress and even help promote healing and healthy mind.  I've been using EFT a little along with my meditation/visualization for almost a year.  I personally feel it has helped me considerabally in feeling better and remaining positive while fighting this disease I /we are currently living with not by choice.  My Dad use to say it was all in your head, when I hurt myself and cried or rub it off and it will feel better.  Well know I'm a big boy I'm putting it to use and have in my opinion benefited in doing so.  EFT is basically using your mind to rid your self of negative emotions and to align the energy in your body.  Has any one else heard of this or trying?  If your interested or have tried yoga ,meditation, visualization, and want to try something else or add to your routine check out this web site.   

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Thanks Jeff. I think I need to start meditation as I feel so stressed and worried these days. I feel like I am just waiting for the earth to shift again and cc to come back. I know, the thought of dealing with it isnt nearly as hard as actually dealing with it. You guys always amaze me. But, I think I need to try something different and positive or I will end up back at my lovely psychologists soon. Thanks again.


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Would you send me an email at


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Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the information and link. I'm going to look into it.


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Thanks Jeff, I'm also going to look into this.

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There is definitely a link between our minds and our bodies.  The Catholic Church has known this for years smile 
When I was in Lourdes,  I went to the healing baths, then immediately went to confession.  All the accumulated junk and emotions of the past few years came out, and I felt reborn.  Sometimes all you need is a good confessor.  My fears are put to rest and I am at peace.  I feel better physcially and emotionally.  Am I physcially healed?  I don't know.  Am I emotionally and spiritually healed?  Yes - and that is what is important.  Our bodies will eventually die and decay, but our souls are eternal.