Topic: Ozone Therapy

Has anyone tried Ozone therapy for CC?

I met a girl recently who was suffering from MesoThelomia and doctors had given her about 6-12 months and said nothing could be done. She underwent 4 months of nutirtion + a regimen on Ozone therapy. Miraculously she is pretty much cured and has no cancer traces left at the moment.

I am giving this a serious look for my mother-in-law. Does anyone have any experience / knowledge of this working with CC?

Re: Ozone Therapy

vk933..... This treatment has been mentioned before but I don't think anyone has tried it before, from my recalection.  I Think there is a treatment center in I believe Mexico and Southern California That have Ozone therpy chambers.  Also. a while back I researched and found on-line that you can purchase your own portable Ozone chambers thatyou blow up like a air mattress.  That's about as far as I got with it.  I't part of a comphrehensive holistic approach.  It would be nice to know if anyone has ever tried and benefitted from it.

Jeff G.

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