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My husband, John, was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma in March 2008..stagfe 4 with metasteses to his pancreas, liverm and lymph nodes. He has been through 12 cycles of Gemcitibine...he had reduced CA 19-9 numbers after the first six treatments (from 4700 to 3300), but the numbers have gone up to 9700 and the recent CT scan shows that the tumors in the pancreas, bile ducts and liver have gotten larger.

The Dr. gave us 2 treatment, to discontinue all treatment or two, to try "Folfox"...I think it is F-5U with Eloxatin (Oxaliplatin). Our insurance company has said that the Eloxatin is considered experimental for his type of cancer and has denied authorizing payment for it.

Have any of you used this chemo agent? Had any hassles with your insurance companies getting authorization for it? I think the Dr.s rational is that even though this drug is tested for colon cancer, since both colon cancer and bile duct cancers are adenocarcinomas, this might work.

Any insight or experiences would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi Rebecca --

I don't have any specfic information for you, but many people on this site have been able to get these new and crazily expensive meds through Compassionate Use programs run by the drug companies.  You can check the web site for the drug company; the American Cancer Society is also a good resource for navigating some of these systems and may have more detailed information about Compassionate Use programs.

Hope that helps.


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Hi Rebecca, my husband Charlie also went through many weeks of Gemzar last summer after being diagnosed Stage IV, tumors in the liver only in 5/07.  Gemzar didn't do much for Charlie except totally wear him out after so long. Charlie is now being treated at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem, NC.  He is on a 21 day cycle of IV oxaliplatin and oral Xeloda.  All we know is that Charlie had to sign a bunch of papers to start with.  The oncologist and his staff took complete control of getting the medications.  I think we may be getting under the compassionate use program.  Sorry I don't have any more details, but that is one fight I didn't have to take on.  They took care of everything and made sure BC of Illinois - our insurance would pay for it and got it approved.  Have you looked into 2nd opinions?  Our first oncologist gave Charlie 3 to 6 months and pretty much just wrote him off.  He's had many procedures and he feels like he wouldn't have made it this long if we hadn't been aggressive seeking out doctors willing to try something.  I hope this helps and wish you all the best.


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Rebecca, My dad is on a a treatment of oxyplatin with tarceva.  Dad is on medicare and blue cross.  His treatment was approved by medicare.  Dad has stage IV cholangio with mets to lungs.  Lots of luck.  Our hope is that this treatment will work.  We'll know within a couple of weeks if there have been any changes.

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RANK,  Will be praying for the best results possible.
Jeff G.

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Hello everyone,
I will also try and keep you posted as my mom is being treated with oxaliplatin and gemzar. But she only started last Thursday.

Good luck,


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My oncologist tried to get the Oxaliplatin approved for me and my insurance rejected it.  I didn't know about the Compassionate Use Program until your post, so thank you for putting the question out there.  Now I have something to go back to my Oncologist with.
I'll definitely be reading everything I can about anyone being treated with this chemical and combos. 
Please keep us posted in the progess.
My prayers are with you.
- Kel