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A Teddy update: T is in his 3rd week of radiation for the cancer that returned where his duodenum used to be. 2 weeks to go! The doctor said he is doing well with this procedure, but he feels it is not going to do the job. He said not to worry as at that point we will then qualify for the cyberknife which he feels will do the trick. So, we will not worry! Had another visit to our regular ONC yesterday and all T LAB work is good except that CA count is still inching upwards. He brought up chemo for down the road and we said, no chemo at any time, T wants quality time.  Still not a horrible count but I thought with the radiation going on that would come down. Labor Day weekend is going to be great as 25 kids and grandkids (his and mine) are coming for a 3 night weekend. We got a hotel for 59.00 a night in Scottsdale and all will stay there. Pool parties, games and picnics!! Something nice to look forward too.  Sincerely hope you all are finding some "good" things too!!!


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Hi Lainy..... Sounds like a lot of fun coming to Scottsdale!  Well, if this procedure doesn't do all that is expected, you have the cyber knife as back up.  Wish you and Teddy the mostest! Is that a word? Ha! Enjoy the Labor Day weekend party!
God Bless,
Jeff G.

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That sounds great and relaxing (or not so relaxing) with all the grandkids.  Have lots of FUN! I am sure you kids will have a great time.