Topic: EFT Session Three

A little innocent boy age 6 was molested by a tall bald headed man by the name of Mitch , who was suppose to have been a friend of the family. As I look back through time, I can see how it all unravelled.  Week after week this man would become more friendly by coming to my home and playing cribbage with my Dad and then I was invited in to learn how to play as well.  When I did good in scoring and won a game ,this sicko would first rub the top of my head and tell me how good of a player I was . Well, as time went on my reward was a quick hug.  It all appear innocent enough as it was in front of my Dad or Mom.  This guy was always trying to impress us kids with jokes and magic tricks.  His favorite was the quarter disappearing and always being found behind our ears.  Of course we were thrilled and mystified and wanted to look and see where the coin had gone and how he could make it come out of our ears. We would be wrestling a little with him to find the coin, while he was getting his pleasures of grabbing us around the waist and putting us in bear hug positions and tickling us. This went on for weeks,maybe a couple of months.  Then one day, my Mom ask me to go up to the apple orchard so she could make an apple pie.  It would probally take about  a 1/2 hour to walk.  That's when ole mitchy made his move and offered my mom that he could run my sister and I up to the orchard, in fact he would buy a whole box, if she would make an extra pie for him. Off we went, climbing into his car and for some reason I was to sit in the middle between him and my sister. On the way up to the orchard he expressed how much he has really falling in love with us and that we made him happy.  He reached over and give me a big hug while driving and a kisse on the head. He would giggle and laugh about something and tell ajoke of some kind.  We got the apples and on they way back, he asked me if I would like to come spend the night with him at his apartmnet and explained all the games we could play. That it would be real fun. Of coarse Jeff Did not know what was going on in this freak's head and said yea! and then he reached over and grabbed my private parts while still driving a laughed ,we 'll have lots of fun and you can have all the ice cream you want. I was quite shocked at what was happening, I did not know how to act, at the time I was embarrassed because I knew or thought I knew he shouldn't touch my private parts. When we arrived back home,we went to the back of the car to get the apples and while I was looking in to the trunk the pervert mitch reached up with both hands on my face and gave me a sloppy sick kiss on the lips!  I was again shocked, but he followed that action with I love you kids he said . You make me feel happy,so I was left bewildered and then he asked again, if I would like to sleepover and play games tonite and you can stay up as late as you want. Being all excited, I said yes. Then he said you'll have to ask your Mom if it's okay and I agreed. So still all excited I ran in the house and asked Mom if it was okay if I sleepover at mitch's ,he's got some real neat games and said we could go out to eat.  My Mom first said I don't think so. The pervert piped in and said it's fine with me Polly, it'll be fun for him and his sister can come to if she wanted to. It'll give you and Harold a break.  My mom said okay but I think Marsha should stay home and Jeff needs to be back home in time for sunday school.  Ole mitchy says that's fine.  I ran up stairs with a brown bag to put my pajamas and sunday clothes in ,all excited as I was going for a ride and going to have fun.  By the time I came back down stairs, the man who we had come to call Uncle Mitch was gone. I asked where is uncle mitch?  She said he is gone and he is not to come back!  Then she asked me did he kiss you on the lips like mommy and daddy do?  I said yes, and did he touch your private parts? I said yes.  Then I was firmly told how bad he was and he was a sick sick person. My sister one year younger said to me I told mommy he was bad.
Well, how many years have gone by?  Over 4 decades and for some reason, I was still carrying this excess baggage.  Through out my life I have been on the intervention side of the house, to prevent or stop this from happening again to anyone.  I had taken it on as my personal responsibility to protect everyone.  It kept arising, when ever I think of the present. Will my little grand daughter Brookie be safe from jerks and sickos?  There were statements of revenge made to me about my daughter from her Ex and I repeat EX husband, that cause me for a while to have concern about my daughter.  But I confronted her about the situation told to me and she said no Dad nothing like that ever happened. She said, it was that's asses way of getting back at you for standing up for me.  Today, I hope that is true, That I did not let my baby down.  I also worry, if I was to die tomorrow who will protect my family?  This CC and confronting death has made me so aware of the injustices in this world and how many sick creaps lurk around our daily lives.  It's not that I'm not aware ,but it's closer to home than I would like to think.  After discussing with the EFT Practicianer and doing numerous tapping sequences, I brought my intensity level fro a 10 to 0 within a little over an hour. I needed to be shown or my subconcious needed to shown that it is impossible to protect everyone and prevent this from happening.  I had to understand when I was age 6 , I was vunerable and prey for sickos and didn't even have the understanding to defend my self at age six , It's not my fault and I am no less of a person because of it. By God let see that happen with me being aware, all hell would break loose. Again I had to forgive myself and forgive the sick jerk as well.  This was just a piece of memory that expanded like a spider web throught my life, connecting to my daughter, wife, grand daughter, and others who have been in my care ,where intervention did take place, by me!  Once I understood my age 6 experience fully and accepted, the spider's web begun and did break apart, one strand at a time. Now at my age I no longer feel violated and have to stand as a vigilant protector.  And if I were to die tomorrow, God will be there ,as he is always there.  It reminds me of the portrait "Foot Prints In The Sand" , only one person walking on the beach, after the loss of a loved one, wondering where was God in the time of need, but there is two sets of footprints in the sand as he thought this.  Wonderful feeling, just some boxes crushed and ready for the dumpster.  EFT to me is like exploring and waiting to see or feel the benefits, of which I continue to do.  Not only for the study but everyday. It just makes me feel good.  My wife actually joined me this week and told me it had a relaxing effect for her.  We were tapping on the subject of "about worrying".  Well, before I use up this whole thread I had better bid you all good night.

God Bless,
Jeff G.

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