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Topic: EFT Session Five

Tonights EFT Tapping session was about my frustration and anger about how algerbra prevented me from accomplishing and pursuing lifes goals, after my retirement from a 20 plus years career in the Aif Force.  After the military I wanted to pursue a degree in Social Work.  One of the prerequsites was college level algerbra.  For some reason I could not comprehend and do it.  I kept working at it and even had a tutor through a special program for seven months, but to no avail.  Because of this unexplained handicap, I put in over five years of college but still could n ot get my college degree in Social work.  It angered me because I was prepared to have another successful career and I was prevented from going the path that I wanted to go for my family and myself.  From a scale 1-10, it still bothered me at about the 8 range.  Every commercial or advertisement and evry time a friend mention they were graduating, I had negative feeling of what I endured. Eveb to date when an advertisement pops up on the computor ; Get your Degree in 12 months, ercked me.  This thought of not being able to do the work I wanted to do and be compensated accordingly because of a stupid requirement to know algerbra.  They would not even waiver it or substitute it .  It was a requirement as they felt it ensure I had a well  rounded education and knowledge to support my degree program.  I still got to work within the social work field but not at the levels I had intended.  I had to prove my education and explain the algerbra crap every time.  It took me twice as long to be rewarded and compensated financially.  I was immediately disqualified from some really good paying positions, that I could have done with my eyes closed, but I did not have that degree!  So I could not apply.  Well, this may seem no big deal to some,it meant a lot to me.  It is just amazing how much energy and time I wasted and burned up letting this get to me.  At the time it was stressing me out, working and college and special classes all at the same time.  Everyone felt with tutoring and even the nice lady teaching me, that I would catch on and be doing algerbra in my sleep.  Instead I was having nightmares in my sleep.  It really change the way my life progressed.  It change the way I wanted to help my wife and children's lives.  It really had quite a impact.  Although the system was unwilling to make an exception and let me do an extra math class or extra classes as a substitute, I still got close to where I wanted to be in life.  But I ask myself all that time, Money, and stress, did it take it's toll on me.  It was only shortly after that,  I was diagnosised with CC, nowthat I think of it.  Was this the straw the broke the camel's back?  Is this where my health begun to decline? Who knows for sure?  Well,after some pretty neat tapping and releasing of my negative feelings and emotions, I could plainly see the full picture and why I had to dump this pass emotion.  I can see how it has been robbing me of energy.  It's done, a said deal.  I should not have continually compared it with my previous career and that of others who obtained their degrees. Tonight I let it go!  I still did social work and it was extremmely rewarding.  You know? The thing is I did it without algerbra.  I was a good listener, I could put 1 and 1 together and come up with a solution to an individuals problem or suggest a way for them to solve their problem.  I was keen enough to fill a Master's Degree position because I could communicate with people and not quit when the going got ruff.  Zero is wher I am on this matter!  All I wanted to do is social work not be a rocket scientist.  Well rounded education, what a stupid excuse when it comes to college level algerbra required for a social work degree!  Even so, I still! completely and unconditionally love and accept myself.  I did not need algerbra, I never used algerbra, and so bye bye algerbra. I also don't even know if Ispelt it right and don't care, because I will never use algerbra.  Now, for those of you who might, EFT probally could help if you are having a problem with what? It always amazes me how much more release of emtions I tack on to my sessions, as it makes sense to let it go.

God Bless,
Jeff G.

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