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Hi has anyone heard of the xeloda being used on it's own?? Dave started with it today his Doctor said that Gemsitabine is hard on the liver and she didn't want him to use that now as he has had alot of problems with the Jaundice lately...

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Hi Mybro'sSis

I believe that Capecitabine (Xeloda) is an oral version of Fluoroucil (5FU) with less side effects and obviously more convenient to take as a pill than having 5FU by IV. In 2005 the US FDA approved its use, alone, as a therapy for metastatic clorectal cancer.  (It seems that drugs used for digestive tract cancers, eg CC, often start off as colorectal cancer drugs).

But I've read that 5FU has been found to be much more effective (again for colorectal cancer) when combined with oxaliplatin (and presumably Capecitabine + Oxaliplatin may also be a superior combination).  For example, see: … tabine0705

You might wish to discuss this with Dave's oncologist who may have good reasons for wanting to use Capecitabine alone.


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I agree with Geoff.  All of the studies show that these chemotherapy drugs work better in combinations - so you are looking to add one of the platins to the Xeloda (this is usually the first regimen that people try) Cisplatin, Carboplation or Oxaliplatin.

Use the information on Avastin on this website and  (it's listed under working with your insurance) and make sure that your Dr. will let your brother get on Avastin this will boost the effects the Xeloda has on his tumors.

You may also want to look for information on AHCC and Avemar (both on this website as well).  They are both showing good results (and are natural) with helping reduce tumors and decrease spread.

If you can, get his Dr's email and send all the information via email.  This is one of the ways I communicate with Mark's Dr. and send him new information.  He is only seeing one cholangio patient and so we don't expect him to be up on all the latest things - although he usually is, but this way at least he knows that we are on top of it.  Then when we go in for appointments I usually have a list of things we need to talk about and he has always read through all the information I've sent and we can make the decisions then.