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Hi all, my Mum has been at home after hospitalisation for nearly 2 weeks. Last week we did a blood test and the WBC was 4.0, however last Sunday another test showed WBC at 2.8, it is decreasing. We are really shock with this number...

She got the bowel onbstruction again after leaving the hospital, but it is just a temporary one and after 1 week she can have soft diet again.

Does anyone know about this WBC thing? She did not have chemo yet, we plan to have chemo next week but with this number of WBC, we are afraid that it is impossible. We are going to see the doctor tomorrow and hope that everything would be ok.

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I think there is a medication that you can take that raises the WBC count.  You might want to ask about that.

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There definitely are drugs to raise WBC, but is your mom's RBC normal as well? Is it just the WBC? My sister needed to be transfused from time to time and never had chemo. The disease itself (the drs. said) plays havoc with the blood counts. Hope that helps some, Belle.

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For the WBC, your mom needs shots of Neupogen. 


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Haiminh,  G is right there is a medication called neupogen aka Filgrastim.  Normal white blood countlevel is 4.8.  4.0 is not bad.  It usually goes back up before treatment if not she should skipuntil count goes back up. or start taking injection which cause primarily muscle and bone pain.  There are two type of white cells .this kind is your white cells that fight off infection and lowers your immune system.  2.8 is considered immunosuppressed, she just needs tostay away from sick people and wash hands often.  I really doubt they will give another round of treatment until they go back up.  She should also ask about filgrastim injections to protect her self from infections.  I was taking 7 injection each cycle of one regimen I was doing.  What causes it is the chemo kills off cancer cells but it takes good white cells as well as it can't tell the difference.  Wish your Mom the best.
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