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I know, no long poems but I could not resist this one and another, a little later.


Did you know the clouds simply hide from your sight...
The warmth of God's love and strength of his might?
   And these days filled with rain, flood a desperate soul
     Where once there was joy and your spirit felt whole.

     Did you know there is hope as you rise from despair?
       On the wings of His mercy, He'll carry you there...
           High above clouds filled with worry and pain
     You'll see much more clearly His love never changed.

   So let's rise above storms that obscure hopes and dreams
       Where our future is hopeful... not what it now seems.
Did you know that God loves you... His love shining bright?
That together you'll triumph through day & through night?

Let us run to God's side when the clouds dim our sight...
                 Through His eyes we'll see clearly...
                  The "Son's" love shining bright!

(c) 2006
Linda Mae Richardson

Take it to the Limit,One More Time! (Eagles)

Re: The Sun Is Still Shining

Beautiful, what more can one say?

Teddy ~In our hearts forever~ATTITUDE is EVERYTHING
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Re: The Sun Is Still Shining

Yes, it is beautiful. Thanks Jeff. It made my day a little brighter!

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Re: The Sun Is Still Shining

Uplifting - Thank you Jeff.

Joyce C