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Topic: Volunteers ? for Cholangiocarcinoma .Org Anytime!

Fabulous ASTRO Booth Event in Boston  Marion.  You are asking for volunteers?  You got my support !   I already volunteered to distribute those nice brochures to a few cancer centers and Doctor offices.  Stacie will be sending in the mail to me.  As far as events go, through out the year, I would be more than happy to attend and represent at what ever is scheduled.  Just break it down geographically and  I'll see what I can handle for you.  I'm sure others would love to represent CC awareness in their areas.  The brochures would be a breeze, if everyone e-mails Stacie with their mailing address, CAN YOU IMAGINE---- the recognition and awareness for research that would get out to the population.  You Know this is quite amazing!  Who would think 20 years ago, I would be on the internet and coordinating life saving awareness for the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation.  I was just thinking, if all members distributed brochures, even if it's only to their local Doctor's office or Oncologist, we would practically cover the "Whole U.S.A"  and England, ScotLand, Germany, Switzerland, this list goes on.  Count me me in Marion and Stacie, I'll do what I can do.  This awareness is so needed and we could make a great impact in a matter of weeks, Days even. 

Calling all Volunteers! Calling all Volunteers!Calling all voulnteers!

DON'T  ANSWER THIS E-MAIL," Just e-mail Stacie and Marion with your addresses, "  Please, Please, Please,?

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HELP--------- us get this information out or attend a local convention. WoW! I ready. Use me while you can!  I feel the "Power of Awareness" already!   CHOLANGIOCARCINOMA LET IT BE KNOWN YOUR NOT HIDING NO MORE!


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