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Topic: Reminder of Hope

Don't ever close yourself off to HOPE!  Time and time again we find there is nothing we can do today, it doesn't mean that we won't find something that can be done tomorrow. Hope is something I will retain, while I look again tomorrow, for what can be done.  Are we afraid of want may come?  Continually dwell on it, and nothing will get done.  Easier said than done, but again, if we don't try and retain HOPE!, nothing at all will get done.  I personally, am not afraid of the great kingdom to come, but for now my purpose on earth is not done.

Jeff G.
P.S.  I was given a prayer pillow from the members of a community support group last week.  It was made from a Priest's robe that had become frayed on the ends.  The color was green with a brown embroided cross with some speckles of gold.  Was it coincidental, or was it a sign of Hope?  Same colors of Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation, where hope shines every day.

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Re: Reminder of Hope

Jeff, you are always a ray of hope and sunshine combined! I'll say you are NOT done down here so don't even start packing and suitcases!!!!!!!!!!!!

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