Topic: Teddy Update-Itching

I just got off the phone with the Oncologist and Teddy's b.ruben was .06. GREAT news! The itching is because he was extremely low on B12. He will start shots tomorrow. ONC said being that low can cause itching/skin crawling.
So those of you who feel the itch sensation might want to have your B12 checked. Yes, another good day. Guess I need to just stop worrying. Right!

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Re: Teddy Update-Itching

Great news, Lainy! I so hope he continues to feel well and the B12 stops the itching - I know that can be the most distressing symptom! I'm going to take some B12 right now, since I'm a vegetarian and that's the only supplement I really need, but I always forget. Thanks for the reminder.
Much love to you and Teddy!
-Joyce M

Re: Teddy Update-Itching

Such good news Lainy!  Hope those shots work quickly for Teddy and wishing the best on his upcoming procedure.  OK...just stop worrying...right!!!