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I am glad to find this site, as I have had trouble locating others with gallbladder cancer, because it is so rare.  I was diagnosed about 2 months ago following surgery to unblock my bile duct.  I am feeling good now, but know that the prognosis is poor, and that chemo is in my future.  At just 59 years, with a young family, I have a lot to live for, and I am eager to learn from the experiences of others, and to hear about those who have survived longer than the 2-6 months often cited.  Thanks!

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Lynne - My husband, Dan, was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma in August 2005.  Next week, it will be one year since he was diagnosed and he is still active and doing well.  He has been taking Zeloda and Gemzar continuously since January '06, with a few weeks off here and there because of infections and a few other complications. 

His CA19-9 (tumor marker) is now at 40- from over 900 originally.  His liver function tests are almost normal, too.  He has had a metal stent in place for over 8 months and it's still functioning well.  He recently had a CT scan and just received the results today.  The news was the best we can hope for---no change, no new tumor growth, and his original tumor has shrunk from over 5 cm to 3.8 cm.   

He does have some fluid around his right kidney that is causing some discomfort, and aside from being tired occasionally, he feels fine.   We are enjoying all his good days and continue to pray for many more.

My message to you is that, while there may not be a cure, there is plenty of hope and much longer than just 2-6 months.   Get the best doctors you can find that have dealt with this rare type of cancer (our experience was that doctors that have had little or no experience with this disease give you little hope or encouragement), get 2nd & 3rd opinions if necessary--and especially, keep a positive attitude, don't ever give up hope and don't let anyone take your hope away.   Best of luck--please keep us posted on your progress.


Re: New Gallbladder Cancer diagnosis


That is great news, I am really pleased for you and your husband that he is having such a good response to the treatment.  i agree with you that half the battle is finding a dr who is not dismissive just because we are dealing with cc.  There is hope out there, my dad is having a good response to gemcitabine and carboplatin - he has outlived all the gloomy predictions so far and i am sure that he will continue to do so.  (diagnosed 4/7/05).