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Lee went for his second CT scan since he started chemo in May. Dr. got results yesterday and said tumor is definitely shrinking!! Yet, his blood work shows that his cancer number went from 800 something to 1000 something....worrisome or not? Last CT scan said tumor grew, but blood work stated that cancer number went waaaayyy down.  All other blood work excluding blood count, are normal.  Lee says that when he sits with Dr. Mathern he can see smoke rolling out of his ears because he's thinkin' so hard as to what to do next. It is absolutely crazy that this cancer has so many people baffeled. I want to stomp my feet like a two year old and tell everyone to get with it and find out what in the @#$% the cure is for this mess! I am not blaming Dr. Mathern, he truly loves Lee and is doing all he can, it just puts things back into box, that there really isn't a darn thing to yet with this monster but to try to contain it. Sooooo....they found a spot on his lung that was not on the last scan and Dr. Mathern wasn't too concerned..just could be anything....I don't like the sound of that....and while I'm at it....anyone also experience tremendous sweating and shaking? It's like Lee just stepped out of the shower on a super cold morning sometiimes, usually occuring at night. We are all still praying...sometimes I'm on my knees two or three times a day in fervent prayer...Lee is here, Emilee said last night trick or treating and a trip to the zoo made it the best day of her life....I do have alot to rejoice in!!!

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I am glad Lee is responding to treatment. I pray it continues. I know how it is with doctors. I keep mine on his toes to.

I have no clue what the numbers mean, if anything. It seems like you are making the most of your time whether that is 2 or 10 or 70 years. You are doing everything you can for you and your daughter and Lee. Sending hugs.


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Re: Time to rejoice? cancer number do you mean the CA-19-9 tumor markers?  Shaking and sweating....  tremors which then go away after a short while?  If that is the case, then you can read up in the "Search Forum" by using the keyword:  "tremors" or "shakes".  It seems to be commong with CC patients and has been discussed in many previous threads.  Altough, many thoughts had been expressed however, no one came up with a clinical reasoning.  Hang in there.  Sending tons of hugs to your family.


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Heather,  Glad to hear tumors are shrinking for Lee.  Sweats and shakes I have had many times.  Sometimes I'll be eating supper and just go in to a gaze and the hand I'm holding my fork in is just got the jitterbug.  I chocked it up to simple chemical in /overbalance. I mean look at all the pills being popped, where lucky our eyes don't twinkle red and green.  But really the central nervous system takes quite a beating.  One day at a time sweet Jesus!  Today, I start my ceremonial chemo pill popping again.  Tarceva 150MGs 1 per day.  We,ll see how things come out in the wash.  Visited pain management yesterday and they started me on Fentanyl Transdermal patch on top of the 300MGs of morphine already taking.  MRI results should get Monday hopefully to identify why so much pain.  I could only do the first part without out contrast as after 45 minutes of laying on my back, I was literally in tears  and swearing up a storm. They said it'll take only 15 more minutes to get the contrast part done.  I told them to take this job and #@$%^% it.  I could not believe them.  I'm hollering get me out of this dog gone thing and all they could think of is getting the last part done.  Wow!  I could have reached out and touched someone and I would not be using AT&T either.  There, I feel better now.  I hope all keeps going good for Lee; we all need a break-through of some positiveness thats for sure.  Time for nap.  Just finished baking a banana bread to eat when I get up.  Chat later ya all !  I'm not a southerner,  but like saying that anyway Ha!

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Re: Time to rejoice? glad I'm not the only one who would like to reach out and touch someone! I have a hard time believing that much of the time the medical staff if really as caring and compassionate as so many of them claim to all seems so inhumane at times.  My dad was on the fentaynl patch with his morphine liquid he took by seemed to work wonders. The weird thing was...he had mentioned that the dose he was receiving could drop a horse dead in its tracks...and he knew immediately when he needed a new one...amazing how it works through the skin...any how its so nice to have all of you to chat with and know that the shaking and sweating is normal...I hate that word...there's nothin' normal about any of this! Yes, when I say his cancer number I do mean his CA19-9. Thank you for all of you insight, prayers and hugs....Jeff, I think I'll go make some cookies...enjoy that yummy bread!

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Hi Heather:  I am thinking thats all good news! We will take it! Teddy gets the chills now and then but with him it is usually followed by a fever. That was going on for about a month then it ended up being a staph infection as we found out yesterday. I don't know! I just think this crazy CC has crazy things that happen and we will never know why. We see Dr. Kresl Thursday, Nov 6th for the PET Scan results and to discuss what is next.   To me the strange part is that he has now been walking around with this mass since April! But he is sure like his old self again since the last hospital bout and that is good. He finished his micro-mini Xmas village already and just went up to see if he could hit some balls. We have begun to relish in the "good" days since we do not know what lies ahead. Take one day at a time and enjoy as much as you can. Don't give up on us meeting either. That would be great.

Hi Jeff: You just let them all have it!!! They don't  know who they are dealing with!! We are in charge not them. Now we have to schedule a tube change for T ureter the middle of December. I told him its a good thing he and the Urologist love each other as he will be doing this forever every 2 months. And I did get his ONC changed to the ONC in the same office that I really wanted. Dr. Cavalcant. Have a suggestion for letting out frustration for all. Last night went to daughter's for Halloween and she got a Karaoke Machine and we all really belted out! Felt so good after.  Of course T theme song is "I Did It My Way".


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Hi lainey,  Teddy has got that village done alreay?  He moves right along.  I have to make out my wish list for Christmas.  My wife said I could not just put down socks, underwear and t-shirts this year.   So I started off with a flat screen TV and new truck.  She just laughed, so did I.  I like your Idea of the karooke machine.  We have one for the Grand kids. Thanks for reminding me, it's time to dust it off.  Will be awaiting the results of Teddy's pet scan.

Hi Heather,   I'm just postponing taking the tarceva a couple more hours.  Got to let the warning and side effects sheet I just read clear through my mind a little bit.  I'm getting ready to make some blueberry muffins now then some waffles.  I freeze it all and then have snacks to munch on during the day, like my med sheet says to do (little meals) to prevent naseau.  Your right about the meds.  They told me if I felt to droggy to cut back on the morphine Ha!  I'm hoping there is something that can be done to alleviate pain when I get results of MRI.  Nothing to evasive I should say.

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Hi Heather,
  I don't have much to add to the conversation, just wanted to sy I am so happy the treatments are working for Lee. Many prayers coming your way.


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I also don't have much to add, but want you to know I am glad things are working for Lee & that I am thinking of you.


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