Topic: Chemoembolization and other options

My father has CC, intrahepatic bile duct cancer.  He is 86 yo and a 13 year survivor of colon cancer. The CC is the only cancer he has now-no mets. His tumor is 4 ins (11cm, IIRC) and involves 3 ducts. They have said he would have only a 2% chance of surviving a surgery. I guess because of age, though most of his doctors consider him in remarkable health for his age: his weight is good, non-smoker, takes cholesterol med and BP med, but overall pretty healthy, just not young and strong.

His doctor has recommended chemoembolization therapy. We go to the vascular doctor to discuss treatment protocol, expectations, and scheduling on the 17th.

Just curious of others opinions and experiences on this. Should we ask about RF ablation or cryosurgery?

Also, my dad doesn't drink now and hasn't for a little over 10 years and has not been  diagnosed with cirhossis, but he was a heavy drinker at different periods in his life. I know this cancer is often diagnosed in drinkers after they have quite for about a decade. Curious of others opinions on this as well

Thanks in advance!

Re: Chemoembolization and other options

Hi Walk. On the drinking ....In Teddy's other life (before we met 15 years ago) he was a heavy social drinker. He actually stopped just before we met, but after his Whipple Surgery  EVERY doctor told him no alcohol (his surgeon and 3 different oncologists)! He has not had a drop for 3 years now. One of our doc here who is Director of Liver Transplants at St. Josephs Hospital said one beer here and there will not hurt anything, however his first oncologist after surgery said not even non-alcoholic  beer! I think it is a decision you have to make. My daughter's fiance is in remission with Lymphoma and he is also going the Naturalpathic  way with IV of Vitamin C and organic stuff. He is very up on it and pretty regimented in it and he is drinking beer now and then. Personally I feel if it is supposed to be that detrimental then it is a small price to pay giving it up, to stay healthy. But, then I am not a drinker. Its like, on this hand and then again on the other hand.


Re: Chemoembolization and other options

During a bad marriage and it's aftermath, I drank about 2 drinks a night (about a year's duration, total of heavier drinking).  About a year later I got sick.  I don't know if it is one of the causes, but it probably bears looking into.

That was really about the only "heavy" drinking I did, and some wouldn't even consider that a lot of drinking.  So who knows?