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hi all recently posted a question reference shunt implant to help with ascites,Patty thanks for your response so very appreciated. Has anyone else had this procedures and did it help? Any respnse is really welcomed, I know it is so hard for everyone and so I really apreciate any opinion.

thanks again wishing good luck to everybody on this site

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Nothing from anyboy yet I have spent the weekend with my sister she is so thin and frail I hate this disease. She needs to gain weight will the shunt help? The oncologist thinks this is better than draining but the procedure obviously is surgical and hence her reluctance at this time. The shunt would involve a drain with a mechanical pump, which when activated by her manually would pump the fluid back into her body. Somebody must have some knowlege on this please hekp if you can

thanks Jane

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I also found this abstract of an article published Oct 21, 2008 that I think indicates the procedure might be worth the risk: … d_RVDocSum

Your local library may be able to get the full text of the article for you.

This one was published March/April 2005, see page 4 for info on ascites: … 302169.pdf

hope this helps,

Librarian Patty

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