Topic: backsliding a bit?

I'm starting to feel that deadening fatigue and low appetite and slow digestion thing again.  Is that a sign of the bile ducts becoming blocked again, or could it just be 15 months of chemo? 

When I'm around people at work or church or family, I can get energized, but when I get home I just want to go to bed.

Re: backsliding a bit?


15 months of chemo, isn't there an award for that? Well, there oughta be! You might be the Bionic Woman to Jeff's Six Million Dollar Man!

I think it is natural that when you are around others you get energy from them and when you are alone it is harder to summon that energy. My mom was a different person when visitors would stop by and her irrepressible social butterfly self would come out but when they left she was exhausted so maybe it's just your body's way of saying you need some rest.


Re: backsliding a bit?

I understand exactly what you are saying. Could it be that you migrht be a little depressed and that is the cause of the fatigue and that it lifts when you are around people? I hope you feel better soon.


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