Topic: GEMZAR Treatment Only

My initial  (and only)  teatment thus far has been two cycles (one day a week for three weeks then one week off was one cycle). I had the maximum dose of Gemzar. The side affects were minimal. In fact, my blood count stayed essentially the same and I actually had a boost in energy the next day after each treatment. The doctor said it was probably from the steriods used to combat the nausea. I played golf after my first two treatments. (I rode in a cart of course because I am 56 years old, not because I have CC)

The tumors are in my liver, on my pancreas and on my lungs.

The scans after my last treatment showed that Gemzar HAD NO AFFECT. Everything is still growing.

My oncologist said that it is necessary to use a standard chemo cycle with a chemo approved by the insurance companies to be eligible for most clinical trials.

Now the trick is finding a clinical trial for CC.

Re: GEMZAR Treatment Only

Hi Lou
My husband is also having gemcitabine alone.he has one more treatment to go then rescan , the first scan showed no growth .  He is on a clinical trial , but got the arm that did Gemcitabine alone .
His tumour is in his liver .He has had minimal side effects, slight hair loss and gets very tired .
We now wait for next scan results to see what happens next