Topic: Gemcitabine or Doxorubicin

The interventional physician is considering these two. Does anyone have any suggestions on which way to go? She said it is basically flip a coin.

My dad's tumor is quite large 11 x 14 cms, involving both lobes with 2 or 3 branches.

Does one have more side effects? more success? less arterial damage?

Re: Gemcitabine or Doxorubicin

How would the doxorubicin be administered? by infusion in the arm, hepatic artierial infusion or chemoembolization? These 3 methods are very different as to side effects and effectiveness of treatment. Doxorubicin is a very rough drug, and is not particularly effective for cholangio. Gemzar is more effective but is used more as a stabilizing drug rather than a tumor-shrinking drug.

With a tumor that large, I am surprised they are not recommending some kind of resection or ablation to reduce the size before initiating a chemo regimen.

I am not a doctor, so get lots of opinions! Good luck, and keep us posted on your progress.

Violarob in Texas

Re: Gemcitabine or Doxorubicin

what would you consider a tumor shrinking drug? any opinions on what seems to be the best combo to get that tumor to shrink?

Re: Gemcitabine or Doxorubicin

No answers yet here. The doctor went with gemcitabine. We have another chemoembolization scheduled this week, then a scan on Feb 16th to see if the treatments are doing any good.