Topic: CT reveals more than we bargained for

Well....CT results stated that the tumor wrapped around the bile ducts is not in fact is quite stable....however, we are now not only fighting to get rid of it...but stomach cancer...the cancer has spread...Lee is now on a regimn of 3 different chemo solutions....I can't remember the names of them right now...his schedule is Wed., Thurs., and Fri.,....when he is not at the oncologists, he has a pump administering the chemo around the clock....the major side effect is extreme sensitivity to much so, that he can actually stop breathing...I call it more or less....having the wind knocked out of you...tomorrow, he will have his abdomen drained...Dr. thinks he might have close to 20lbs of fluid built up...which explains the tremendous weight gain...not the Christmas miracle we were hoping for...I guess we will get to see that tomorrow when Em does her solo for the Christmas program...when Lee returns tomorrow, I'm sure I'll have lots of questions...I know that I can lean on all of you for direction, guidance and more than ever.


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Sounds like you all got the wind knocked out of you!!!  Not quite a Christmas you bargained for. If you would like to talk at any time please e mail me and I will send you our phone number. Is Lee staying in town part of the week or does he commute? I am finding the commuting downtown daily rough but am not complaining. Just rough. I am sure Em will be the brightest star on the tree tomorrow! Please stay in touch.


Re: CT reveals more than we bargained for

Heather, I'm so sorry to hear that Lee's cancer has spread.  Charlie was on oxaliplatin and it gave him extreme cold sensitivity.  I hope having his abdomen drained will allow him some relief.  Thinking of you all and keeping you in my prayers.


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I am so sorry that the results of the scan were not what you & Lee were hoping to for.  I'm not sure if the extreme cold sensitivity is due to the meds or the cancer. Jim also become more sensitive to cold as his illness progressed.  I am sure that Em's solo will be wonderful & a bright spot in this sad time for your family. Hoping for the best for all of you. You will be in my thoughts & prayers. Take care & keep us updated as to how things are going when you can.

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Re: CT reveals more than we bargained for

Hi Heather,  Sorry to hear of the spread, but like you said try can try different regimen; maybe think if radiation could be possible.  extreme sensitivity cold is without doubt a side effect from chemo.  When he goes out he should wear gloves ,hood, and scarf around face and collar so that when he inhales it is warm air from his body hitting his lungs.  Cold air will cause them to spasm and tighten up as hard as a brick.  Trust me, been there done that and doing it again.  Be carful with the hand as well.  The sensitivity is similar to having carpel tunnel syndrome.  I've had both so I can compare.  I can't even rinse or peel potatoes under the water faucet.  It will all stop when you get off chemo, particular Oxaliplatin. like carol mentioned above, as well as othe platinum base drugs.  I pray Lee feels 199% better with all that fluid drained.  I know I feel better just getting a liter our of my lung cavity
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