Topic: Uninsured / Waiting on Medicaid

My mother-in-law has been fighting a tumor in the bile duct for two months now.  The doctors have not been able to determine if it is Cholangiocarcinoma officially, but she has all of the symptoms.  She had a stint inserted in November when she became sick.  She has since been in MD Anderson Orlando twice, and has meet with Dr. Alan Hemming at Shands University of Florida.  Dr. Hemming wants to operate this month (Jan.) but unfortunately she does not have insurance and Shands would not allow MD Anderson to transfer her.  Dr. Hemming feels that he should be able to remove the tumor.

She has applied for Medicaid, under the medically needy clause, but dealing with the government is difficult and is taking too long as her stint should only last one more month.

Any advice on getting her into Shands (two hours north from where she lives in Orlando) and getting her the resection surgery would be greatly appreciated.