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I'm thinking about retiring or taking an extended leave of absence.  I've been working this past 18 months since diagnosis, and I think its time to take better care of myself.  I need to do things like exercise and have better nutrition that I don't have time or energy for while working full-time.  I want to enjoy not working while I still am healthy enough to enjoy it.

It feels like I'm about to jump into water and I don't know how deep it is.  I could crash into shallow water, or jump in safely in deep water.  My company provides long-term disability insurance, but the COBRA amount that I have to pay is worrisome ($480).

I'm going to talk to a disability lawyer and a tax guy and see if I can actually afford to do this.  It's hard because I'm a single parent and still have three kids living at home (16, 20, 22) that I'm supporting.  Maybe the older ones need to help out... but you know how hard it is to get kids to help out.

It will be a big adjustment to retire.  I'm only 46 and have been working since I was 16.  I never expected to have to retire early.

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I think if you can handle it financial, it is a great idea. We did not know that my husband had this horrible cancer until shortly before he passed away at 62, however, we did semi-retire back when we were about your age & decided to go places, see things & do what we enjoyed and I am so glad that we did, as who would have known that he would pass away by the time he reach "retirement age"!  We no longer had children at home at that time, however, so that did make it a bit easier. At the time we also had very good health insurance, however, after a few years we could no longer afford the high premiums etc. & as we were both healthy (we thought) we dropped it. As we soon found out, it is hard to get insurance as you get older at any price! Fortunately (& also unfortunately) my husband was in the Navy and in Viet Nam, so he could go through the VA, which he did. I still do not have health insurance & have 5 years until I can get medicare if it still exists!

Anyway, as I said, after checking into disability & with your accountant, if you possibly can do it, I highly suggest that you do so you can concentrate on taking care of yourself & enjoy life for as long as you are given. As we all know, life and CC are so unpredictable. I do realize that you have your 3 children to consider in this decision also, however, I think you are right in thinking that the older ones could be asked to help out. I am sure that under the circumstances they would understand this too. 

I wish you and your family the best in what ever you decide to do.  Keep posting & let us know how things are working out.


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Re: Just about ready for medical retirement

Hi Lisa,

I, too worked after my diagnoses for nearly 2 years. It's a big decision to make, to take a medical retirement. But, no one is going to ring the bell for you to let you know it's time to do it and I think it's smart for you to do so while you still have the energy to enjoy it.  I hope your disability and tax guy will be able to support your decision.  I'm sure your kids will understand how important it is.