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Another thing my Mum mentioned when I spoke to her, is that she thinks she is losing her hair. She is not on any medication, chemo etc. Has anyone else experienced this in the wake of resection?

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I'm sorry I can't help you there, my dad's hair has thinned a bit, I put it down to the stress of all of this not the op specifically.  I hope your mum continues to recover well, just felt i should reply as i know how disheartening it is when you don't get a response.

good luck, jules

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My husband had a resection a year ago and oddly he also lost hair on his head but the hair on his arms and chest grew so fast we had to trim it!  I guess everyone is  different and as I say now, fat or thin, hair or no hair, I am thankful I still have him. Hope your mum continues to do well.  Lainy


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Thanks for your words friends. I will drag Mum down to the internet shop and show her what has been written, in the hope that she may log in here from time to time, even WRITE herself!! I just feel so sad for anyone affected by this cancer, but obviously it is personal being my Mum. She leads such a quiet and basic life, in another country. She speaks Greek well, but of course, when it comes down to technical medical stuff, she is a bit scuppered. This site could be so helpful to her I think, but she is not computer savvy, and finds it all rather hard work! But I will try to encourage her to check this place out!