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If I should express anger or depression,

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That is sooo true - something us caregivers need to remember sometimes. Thanks for posting this and giving a voice to the frustration that none of us can even imagine unless we've been there. We can sympathize, but never truly empathize.
Joyce M.

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Thank-you, Lisa.


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Thank you, Lisa.  I feel just like you do.  People may want to make us feel better, but for me they seldom do.  I know they re sincere..probably just don't know what to say.  I will get a smoothie dropped offat my door six months ago and never hear from that person again.  It's hard keeping up with the cancer stuff and stll having to go to the grocery, do a laundry, change sheets, take are of financial stuff when all I want to do is lay down and sob.  Just having a moment friends.  Bear with me

Love and prayers for you,

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Take your moment Sophie. Take two. We all need to once in awhile.

Hans had to send out an email stressing that although I am fighting, will fight and he can see no possible time in which I dont fight, that false hope and statements about beating it and everything will work out are more of a burden then a help. Sometimes I feel like the only realistic person in the room and it makes everything more "heavy".  It is hard to cry and vent and talk about all the scary things in my future when everyone wants to be in the lala land. Rant over.


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Lisa, All you said is there plus much more.  However, for some reason when I look at the big picture, all the emotions fit within the frame for some reason.
God Bless,
Jeff G.

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I had no idea somebody had copied this from my sister's blog.  But I appreciate it.  I love that people are benefiting from one of the greatest people who walked the face of this earth.  I will say it again, I loved her more than I will ever be able to say and miss her more every single second of every day.  Thank you.

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Thanks -- you again put forth what we all go through.