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I've been reading the Michael Gearin-Tosh book "Living Proof" and also the Patrick Quillin book "Beating Cancer with Nutrition".  Gearin-Tosh followed the Gerson diet.  Apart from the nutrition regime, he used vitamin/mineral/enzyme suppements in the form of Immunopower (formulated by Quillin) - refer to:


which states:  "ImmunoPower ..... contains everything known to science that affects the course of the disease for the better".

Refer also to:

Has anyone else looked into Immunopower ?


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I sent an e-mail to Dr. Quillin a year ago when my husband was just dx with cc.  and asked him if my husband could used the supplements.  Since it's  liver disease, Dr. Quillin said to ask my husband's oncologist before taking it.  I guessed, it's a matter of personal choice.


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I've tried ImmPower (AHCC) by American Biosciences, probably different than Immunopower for about 6 months and can't say that it has been of benefit. 

A book that's been helpful to me is How to Prevent and Treat Cancer with Natural Medicine by Dr. Michael Murray.

Hope this helps,


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Mark is on the Gerson diet now - it is a slightly altered diet as recommended by his naturopath and takes Immpower as well as several other things as recommended by her. 

He is spending 5 days a week a the clinic where he receives a lot of other things intravenously.  But last week has been one of his best weeks yet.  We will know more when he has his scan after Thanksgiving.


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Is Mark following the full Gerson regime with the coffee enemas as well as the diet?   
It's a difficult protocol to follow w/o the support of a spa or living center where there is help with much of the work required but they do have some positive results that interest me.

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Yes, they are doing sort of a modified Gerson diet, his naturopath does not believe that you need the specific juice press (she and others of her profession believe this to be a political thing? I don't know)  The diet is mostly the same as you would find in any of the books, although I know that Mark is following it "the best he can"  He is doing all the rest of it, but some of the herbs and other things she is doing intravenously are a little different than the Gerson therapy suggests.

Marianne helps him with things in the morning before he goes to the clinic and at night when he gets home and the rest of the family fill in where we are needed.


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hi Stacie

I'm interested to understand better the diet and supplement regime which Mark is on, in case you feel able to share that information.  For example, when you say "his naturopath does not believe that you need the specific juice press" are you saying that he doesn't have (say) carrot juice daily (which I thought was part of Gerson) ?

The reason I ask is that I have developed a diet and supplement regime loosely based on what I've read (eg about Gerson, Quiller and macrobiotic) but adapted (by me) to suit what I feel I'm happy to eat - it's important to me that I enjoy my food. 

What this means is my diet comprises:
no meat
no dairy products
no added salt or sugar in cooking
no foods with salt or sugar (except of course fruit generally contains sugar)
no coffee or black tea
fish (especially oily fish) 2-3 times/week
whole-wheat based cereal, oats, brown (wild) rice and bread
soya products
vegetables of all types esp cabbage, brocolli, kale, squash, carrots, tomatoes etc
fruit of all types - after every meal as desert
mineral not tap water
green tea
home-made carrot juice
all of the above strictly organic

here are some example meals:
whole-wheat cereal with unsweetened soya milk and sliced banana
meso soup with seaweed and shitaki mushrooms
vegetable curry with brown rice
steamed fish with steamed kale and brown rice
whole-wheat pasta with tomato sauce incl garlic etc
salad with dressing of olive oil and lemon juice

and for snacks between meals I have fruit, dried apricots, brazil nuts with raisins, etc

Would appreciate your comments in the light of Mark's regime

Best wishes


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Wow Geoff,

If anyone is going to beat this cancer naturally it's you. 

I meant that the Gerson Institute says that you need a very specific kind of fruit press to get the juice and she doesn't think you need that particular (very expensive) kind of juicer.

Mark does drink the carrot apple juice every day, all day.  Besides the specific juices he is drinking here are some of the basic guidelines she has given him.

Anything he eats needs to be organic. 

Here are the absolute NO's:

No white flour
No canned or processed vegetables or fruits
No milk, cheese or ice cream
No red meat (beef, pork, veal)
No fried foods and nothing with partially hydrogenated oil (NO margarine)
No sugar or sugar substitutes of any kind
No carbonated drinks of any kind, no caffeine (coffee/tea), no sweetened drinks

Here are the things he can eat:

Brown rice, wheat, oats, millet, corn, barley, kasha, amaranth, quinoa, organic breads
All vegetables, raw or freshly cooked
Organic whole fruits with peels on (meaning no jams or such)
He can have organic, vegetarian eggs, raw milk (whole, unpasteurized milk) or Rice Milk - organic yogurt is alright
He can eat organic chicken or fish
He can have organic butter, organic coconut oil (we love this)
He also needs to drink filtered spring water, he should not drink tap water or distilled water
No soy because in the U.S. it is a GMO (genetically modified) product, I don't think it is a problem in the UK

Now, this being said, Mark is doing this diet in a way that is comfortable for him. 

He is also taking various things from home essiac tea, pancreatin, absorbaid, bromelain +quercitin, super greens, L-Lysine, NADH, Graviola, Acidophilus, Flaxseed oil, thyroid.

This is in addition to what she is pumping into his body everyday up at the clinic. 

I hope this helps, let me know if you have anymore questions.


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Hi Stacie

Im thrilled to hear that Mark is doing the Gerson Therapy.

"The Gerson Therapy" book was one of the first books I read when my dad was diagnosed. Two weeks later we were fortunate enough to meet with Charlotte Gerson (Max's daughter) at the whole foods expo. Between her and the other individual at their both we learned a great deal, they were wonderful.
My dads diet is based on Gerson, Mabribiotics, Alkaline based etc. Similar to Geoff All Organic, No Meat, No dairy,lots of tea and suppliments
(the Tea my dad takes Pau D'arco/Taheebo is used by Gerson as well)

I am really interested in hearing about Marks progress.

Good Luck


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Hi everyone,

Thanks so much for posting all this dietery information - I too am in the process of devising a suitable diet plan for my partner who has just been diagnosed.  I have ordered Quillens book, but it is not due to arrive for a week or so.  I am a little confused as to just how much juice is recommended a day.  He is currently on a course of Gemsar although the oncologists have made it very clear that 1. it may not work for him at all and 2. It is likely the cc will eventually become resistant.  I am desperate to have a solid and well-researched vitamin/supplement/diet programme in place for him both now, and down the track.  He means the world to me.
Any advice would be most appreciated at this horrendously difficult time.

All the very best to you,