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Yesterday I received the receipt that Barbara Walters Productions received our packet of letters on Feb. 5th. Now we will play the wait and see game again.

A Teddy update. I know this problem is not about CC directly and for those of you who are new to this Board, Teddy's cancer had returned  and between that and scar tissue from the Whipple it damaged his right Ureter. He has been having stents inserted every 2 months, next one is Feb 27th. We went to our new Urologist last week and he gave it to us straight. The stents are not going to work down the road, probably sooner than later. At that time he will have to go back on the nephrostomy bag. They can't remove the kidney as there is too much scar tissue and damage all around from the Whipple. I guess its not enough you all have to go through as much as you do, then you have to put up with all the other side issues. In pure Teddy style he said, OK whatever has to be as long as I can still golf!

I will let you know as soon as Barbara Walters calls!!!!


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Isnt is amazing how important golf becomes to some people? My dad and uncle would be exactly your Teddy.

Scar tissue-it is such a problem and so rarely addressed by doctors after the surgery or before for that matter. I have so much scar tissue on my actual incision line that it is protruding out like little bumps. Oh so sexy! At least it only hurts some of the time.


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Sorry to hear about your scar tissue!  Teddy's doesn't hurt its just in the way of everything else! I am glad that he equates everything to golf it gives him a goal. How are you feeling otherwise Kris? So glad when I see you join in!


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I appreciate Teddy's love of the game of golf. 

My father-in-law felt very much the same way.  When he died unexpectedly years ago, by his directive he was cremated. 

The three grandchildren each wrote him a note, wrapped it around a golf ball and these were placed in his urn.  One of my smiles through tears moments was hearing those golf balls rattle around when his urn was being moved to the gravesite.

I'm sure he was grinning from heaven.


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I think that it's very important that Teddy gets to continue to golf, if that is what gives him pleasure.  I wish I could go skiing!  My daughter has said that she will teach me how to ride her horse.  I think I could handle that.

Let's keep our fingers crossed for Ms. Walter's show.